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    Andrew H. Cohen

    attorney | Cohen Law Office, P.C.
    Car Accidents, Family, Personal Injury, Social Security

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    Mara Moss

    Non practicing attorney | Jewish Family Services

  • Profile picture of Joanna Abramson
    Joanna Abramson

    attorney | Abramson Law Offices, PLLC
    Business, Debt Collection, Litigation

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    Jacob Nelson Simon

    attorney | The Law Office of Susan E. Cohen
    Family Law

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    Annette J Benson

    attorney | Annette Benson Law
    Alimony, Child Custody, Child Support, Divorce & Separation, Family

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    Robert D Starkman

    attorney | The Starkman Group, PLLC
    Administrative Law, Criminal Defense, Divorce & Separation, Employment & Labor, Probate

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    Jeffrey S. Kaplan

    attorney | Law Office of Jeffrey S. Kaplan, PLLC
    Criminal Defense, Expungement, Family, Landlord & Tenant, Probate

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    Erica Grand Brown

    attorney | Law Offices of Barbara B. Smith, PLLC
    Adoption, Child Custody, Divorce & Separation, Family, Marriage & Prenuptials

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    Morgan Taylor Weiner

    Associate Attorney | Kizy Law
    Family Law

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    Keith M Nathanson

    attorney | The Nathanson Law Firm PC
    Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Credit Repair, Debt Collection, Family

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  • Profile picture of Nancy
    Nancy K Stone

    attorney | Rotter & Stone
    Alimony, Child Custody, Family, Marriage & Prenuptials

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    Lorie Nancy Savin

    attorney | Oakland County Friend of the Court
    Child Custody, Child Support, Divorce & Separation, Family, Juvenile

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    Jessica R. Cooper

    attorney | Oakland County Prosecutor

  • Profile picture of Richard Victor
    Richard S Victor

    attorney | Law Offices of Richard S Victor, PLLC, Of Counsel Hertz Schram, PC