• Profile picture of Danielle Bass
    Danielle Bass

    attorney | Honigman
    Contracts & Agreements, Corporate & Incorporation, Intellectual Property

  • Profile picture of Howard Lederman
    Howard Yale Lederman

    attorney | Ledermanlaw, PC
    Appeals, Commercial, Constitutional, Employment & Labor, Franchising

  • Profile picture of Lauren
    Lauren Brittany Edelman

    attorney | Brooks Kushman PC
    Administrative Law, Copyright Infringement, Intellectual Property, Patent Infringement, Trademark Infringement

  • Profile picture of Barbara
    Barbara Lynn Mandell

    attorney | Fishman Stewart PLLC
    Antitrust & Trade Law, Arbitration, Intellectual Property

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    Matthew Charles Cohn

    General Counsel | Key Safety Systems
    Business, Commercial, Corporate & Incorporation, International Law, Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Profile picture of Steven Rich
    Steven Norman Rich

    attorney | Photonic Legal PLLC
    Business, Communications & Media, Contracts & Agreements, Corporate & Incorporation, Entertainment, Intellectual Property, Trademark Application

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    Corey Dustin Silverstein

    attorney | Silverstein Legal
    Constitutional, Contracts & Agreements, Criminal Defense, Intellectual Property, Internet

  • Profile picture of marc shulman
    marc shulman

    attorney | Hawk technology Systems LLC
    Patent Application, Patent Infringement

  • Profile picture of Jonathan
    Jonathan Schwartz

    attorney | Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss
    Appeals, Business, Commercial, Entertainment, Litigation