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    I. Eric Nordan

    attorney | Pincanna
    Ethics & Professional Responsibility, Health Care, Licensing, Medicaid & Medicare

  • Profile picture of Danielle Bass
    Danielle Bass

    attorney | Honigman
    Contracts & Agreements, Corporate & Incorporation, Intellectual Property

  • Profile picture of Lauren
    Lauren Brittany Edelman

    attorney | Brooks Kushman PC
    Administrative Law, Copyright Infringement, Intellectual Property, Patent Infringement, Trademark Infringement

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    Barbara Lynn Mandell

    attorney | Fishman Stewart PLLC
    Antitrust & Trade Law, Arbitration, Intellectual Property

  • Profile picture of David Haron
    David Haron

    attorney | Haron Law Group, PLC
    Business, Health Care, Licensing

  • Profile picture of Shari Lesnick
    Shari Friedman Lesnick

    attorney | Western Michigan University Cooley Law School
    Contracts & Agreements, Copyright Infringement, Entertainment, Licensing