• Profile picture of Rebecca
    Rebecca Marie Klein

    attorney | Currently looking

  • Profile picture of I.
    I. Eric Nordan

    attorney | Pincanna
    Ethics & Professional Responsibility, Health Care, Licensing, Medicaid & Medicare

  • Profile picture of David Sachs
    David B. Sachs

    attorney | David B. Sachs

  • Profile picture of Norman
    Norman Hyman

    Of Counsel | Strobl & Sharp P C
    Administrative Law, Constitutional, Land Use & Zoning, Real Estate, State, Local And Municipal Law

  • Profile picture of Jeremy
    Jeremy M Manson

    attorney | Williams, Williams, Rattner & Plunkett, PC
    Appeals, Business, Commercial, General Practice, Litigation

  • Profile picture of Gary
    Gary Alan Krochmal

    attorney | Gary A. Krochmal, PLLC
    Brain Injury, Car Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death

  • Profile picture of Steven Reifman
    Steven William Reifman

    attorney | Reifman Law Firm, PLLC
    Car Accidents

  • Profile picture of Robert
    Robert L. Ellenstein

    attorney | Jaques Admiralty Law Firm
    Admiralty & Maritime, Mesothelioma & Asbestos, Personal Injury, Probate, Wrongful Death

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    Robert J Gordon


  • Profile picture of Morgan
    Morgan Taylor Weiner

    Associate Attorney | Kizy Law
    Family Law

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    Emilie Kahn

    attorney | Food and Drug Administration - Detroit District Office

  • Profile picture of Eric
    Eric Zacks

    Law Professor | Wayne State University Law School
    Of Counsel - Wolfson Bolton PLLC: Corporate Law; Mergers & Acquisitions; Corporate Finance; Contract Law  

  • Profile picture of Norman Hyman
    Norman Hyman

    attorney | Strobl & Sharp PC
    Constitutional, Construction & Development, Land Use & Zoning, State, Local And Municipal Law

  • Profile picture of Danielle Bass
    Danielle Bass

    attorney | Honigman
    Contracts & Agreements, Corporate & Incorporation, Intellectual Property

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  • Profile picture of Robert Goldman
    Robert Michael Goldman

    attorney | Adkison, Need, Allen & Rentrop, PLLC
    Business, Estate Planning, Land Use & Zoning, Real Estate, State, Local And Municipal Law

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  • Profile picture of Elliott Indig
    Elliott B. Indig

    attorney | Aidenbaum Schloff and Bloom PLLC
    Banking, Landlord & Tenant, Litigation, Real Estate

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    Stephen Asher Weisberg

    attorney | The W Tax Group

  • Profile picture of Stuart Logan
    Stuart D. Logan

    attorney | Lipson Neilson P.C.
    Business, Corporate & Incorporation, Securities Offerings, Tax, Venture Capital