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Banner Ads are horizontal rectangular ads displayed at the top part of several pages, just underneath the page header. They can link to your web site or the your Jewishbar.org profile page. The exact sizes and formats are given in the technical specifications.

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Sponsor an Event

JBAM Events provide a meeting place for the legal industry. At JBAM’s opening event, a social get-together, on Wednesday, September 17, 2014, at Local Kitchen and Bar in Ferndale, Michigan, approximately 250 judges, lawyers, students, and other legal professionals were in attendance.

JBAM events provide an unrivalled opportunity to meet face-to–face with leading industry professionals and develop long-lasting relationships.

If your company wants to meet new clients, showcase your latest products and win new business, then sponsoring a JBAM event is a must.

Contact us today to discuss remaining sponsorship opportunities.

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